‘The Mona Lisa was a big disappointment’ | lifestyle

'The Mona Lisa was a big disappointment' |  lifestyle

The most beautiful travel memory

“One of our best trips was without a doubt our first visit to South Africa. In over three weeks, we drove more than 4,000 kilometers with our rental car and really explored every corner. From the Big Five to the giant turtle just below the Mozambique border, everything was amazing and everyone was friendly and kind “.


“Years later we went again to South Africa, and now in combination with Driving game In Botswana where our stay was an hour’s drive from the South African border. Unfortunately, my partner was getting more sick and we had to come back in a hurry. Simon had to undergo urgent surgery on the appendix, followed by the necessary complications, which means that we can only go home after seven weeks. “

Longest / farthest trip

“Australia, New Year’s Eve in Sydney, followed by a wonderful tour and family visit. It was also nice to be back in the Netherlands after more than four weeks.”

The longest delay

“Australia, Alice Springs. After stopping, the plane ran into problems, so we had to spend a day and a half on Remote areas He had to spend. Still a highlight: Alice Springs is home to Aviation Doctors, with a beautiful museum. Although it reminded me more of the movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert The whole company was stuck just like the rest of us! “

Lost bags

Our bags were not taken on the return flight from Naples. Due to a malfunction in the luggage belt system, the bags were already stacked meters high in the departure hall. Then we knew right away that we were going to land without bags. Two days later, KLM delivered it meticulously at home. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to not have to hear about the washing machine for a couple of days right after your vacation. “

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“In Sri Lanka we had a non-alcoholic religious holiday. It was very hot and we were really looking forward to having a beer. Our driver knew something about it. After he spoke to the ministry, they arrived with a large tray full of English tea serving as each jar was full of beer. “

Always with you

“A blank notepad to jot down all the experiences.”

The craziest eaten

“Crocodile meat, not bad, tastes like chicken.”

The most beautiful meeting

“Because we love to travel, you always meet many different people along the way. Sometimes very nice things arise from this and you eat together or agree to go on a local trip together.”

Favorite title

“Repot restaurant in Milan. If you like meat you won’t be short of anything, everything from the charcoal grill is so warm because you eat outside under the vines. Almost impossible to get more Italian! “

The best advice

“Adapting to many customs and traditions that we do not know in our country. This makes every holiday more enjoyable.”


“The Mona Lisa at the Louvre. After many stairs, long galleries and even long lines, we were chased by the painting. Really disappointing!”

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