The Mini5 and Mini3 Pro dash cam exclusively for XPeng vehicles.

The Mini5 and Mini3 Pro dash cam exclusively for XPeng vehicles.

XPeng China’s smart electric car brands The car camera was jointly developed Mini 5 And the Mini3 Pro As for XPeng, it is an auto brand that knows Chinese users. While DDPAI car cameras focus on features such as high-resolution images. Nice design, a variety of entertainment and all other functions to provide a captivating and futuristic travel experience for XPeng owners.

DDPAI and XPeng jointly developed Mini5 and Mini3 Pro cameras to be compatible with Xpeng P7 and G3 models directly connected to the Xpeng switch, parking monitoring function and other features of DDPAI.

For example, on the Mini5 models, with its 4K camera quality, the license plate is not only captured clearly. The Mini5 also features advanced SR functions, display speed, distance, position, altitude, acceleration and other information on video, which is an amazing experience.

Xpeng Motors To be the leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent electric vehicles in China. As a technology company that combines internet use with AI innovations, Xiaopeng Automobile has the wealth to become the leader in transportation in the future. With the invention of the data-driven intelligent electric vehicle, the Xpeng G3 and P7 are now up for sale.

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