The limits of tolerance – a regional guide to the latest news

The limits of tolerance - a regional guide to the latest news

Professor Bastian Rypkema speaking at the Second Faculty of Tolerance

BREDEVOORT – How far does our tolerance extend? Should we also tolerate those who are intolerant of themselves? Where are the limits of tolerance? Professor of Tolerance and Philosopher of Law Bastian Ripkema will speak about it at the Second Tolerance College, on Friday 20 May at Kobelkirk in Bridford.

Democracy is under pressure in different parts of the world. Should democracy defend itself against anti-democratic parties? Or should democracy remain neutral? These questions are central to the debate about resilient democracy. Law philosopher Bastian Ripkema discusses this tradition of thinking about the limits of tolerance during the Second Tolerance College at Kobelkirk. He does this on the basis of many examples, from the United States to the Netherlands, and in dialogue with the public.

About Bastian Rijkima
Bastiaan Rijpkema (1987) is a legal philosopher and lawyer. He is a Special Appointment Professor of Tolerance and Associate Professor in the Faculties of Humanities and Law at Leiden University respectively. His most famous book is Resilient Democracy (2015). For his research in democratic self-defense, he won the 2016 Prinsjesboekenprijs Prize and the 2017 New Scientist Science Talent Award. Rijpkema writes a three-week column for De Groene Amsterdammer.

Tolerance colleges
The Tolerance Colleges are part of the “1572 – The Birth of the Netherlands” programme. In 1572, the values ​​that are under pressure again were fought back today: freedom, tolerance, interdependence and diversity. This is why Koppelkerk in Bredevoort is organizing four Tolerance Colleges this year as prominent scholars reflect on the value of tolerance. Lectures start at 20:00 and can be followed both physically and online via live broadcast. Entry fee is 12.50 euros per lecture. The lectures can be followed for free via live broadcast and can also be viewed again. You can register via the Koppelkerk website. Tolerance colleges are made possible in part with the support of the County of Gelderland, the municipality of Aalten and the de Gauststock Foundation.

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