The launch trailer for Scott Pilgrim against the world

The launch trailer for Scott Pilgrim against the world

January 2021 will be entering the books at the moment as a quiet month when it comes to gaming. There are a few new titles. One of the games we can work with is Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is actually a re-release of a cult classic from 2010. This side-scrolling scroller appeared around the same time as the movie. The game has become very popular, especially since the cooperative gameplay is highly praised by critics. A few years later, the game was removed from the (digital) shelves. But now Ubisoft has revived the game and it will be available as of yesterday. Below you’ll find the launch trailer.

More from Ubisoft +

Since it is an Ubisoft game, this also means automatically that it will be added to Ubisoft + catalog. This Ubisoft subscription service allows you to play all Ubisoft games on Stadia for a fixed amount per month. The service is currently available in trial form in the US, but will also arrive in the Netherlands at a later time.

Have you read our review of Valkyria Chronicles 4 yet? If not, you can still do so here. Yesterday, CD Projekt Red co-founder also apologized for the Cyberpunk 2077 case. You can see the message here.

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