The latest work in the “Classic Return to Devil Village” series announced that it will release the multi-platform PS4 / Xbox One / PC version of “Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection”

The latest work in the "Classic Return to Devil Village" series announced that it will release the multi-platform PS4 / Xbox One / PC version of "Ghosts'n Goblins Resurrection"

Capcom announced that the latest action in the classic action game series “Devil Village” launched on the Nintendo Switch in February this year, “Classic Return to Devil Village”, will definitely be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) on PlayStation 4. near future.

“Classic Return to the Devil Village” is based on two works that laid the foundation for the series, “Devil Village”, which was launched in 1985 and “Great Devil Village”, which was launched in 1988, which are newly created works using the latest technologies and ideas. It uses a unique visual style such as a vivid scrolling image to reproduce classic gameplay and the content of the past. It contains unique levels and single enemies. Players can enjoy exciting action thrills with simple operations.

The next game’s intro screen is taken from the Switch version

The legendary “Game of Death” is back with a new look

In this action, the unique “Mobile Fantasy Picture Scroll” visual effects, enchanting levels, mechanisms and monsters reconstructed with the latest technology and ideas await the players!

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    Integration with the latest technology, all unforgettable classic monsters and levels have been revamped!

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    “Makai” is divided into several main areas, and you must pass through the levels in them. If there are multiple levels in an area, you can move to the next area by going through one of the levels

Its hard to play but can’t stop playing great difficulty

The magic of the “Makai Village” series is simple yet deep, hard to play but amazingly unstoppable difficulty. Falling countless times and falling again, a little finding of your own strategy and sense of accomplishment will become a unique and precious experience of this game.

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    This game has multiple difficulties, from the high traditional difficulty of the series to the more appropriate difficulty to sharpen the technique.

Clear the level once does not mean the end! Many new items that become more interesting while playing

In addition to the frequent gameplay of the usual series, this game also adds a number of new elements. Including the “Magic Shadow Stage” that will change in the next round after the first pass, and the “Hell Room” that cannot be accessed by regular means. Please be sure to challenge the most interesting and most interesting “Makai”!

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    In the “Magic Shadow Level”, in addition to the appearance of the level, the types of enemies and the number of members on the stage will change.

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    The decision whether or not to enter the Hell Room is for the player to decide, but there are still good things to do in life

Use the “Magic Bead Tree” to obtain unique magic / skills

The key to unlocking and developing magic / skills is the Magic Bead Tree. Find the magic bee hidden in each level, return it to the Magic Orb Tree, and magic / skills can be developed. Learn to have different magic / skill effects, which will help you master the demon world!

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    If you unlock the upper level, you can use stronger magic. Appearance and effect will be improved!

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    You can also unlock magic / skill you learned and unlock magic / other skills instead. Choose magic according to the situation, it will be helpful to clear the level!

Cooperative play for the first time in the series

With “San Xian Ye” auxiliary character added for the first time in the series, two players can play together. In addition to the fun of brave difficulties alone in the past, this game can also enjoy the fun of two people playing together dynamically. It’s totally different from the single player experience that makes people sweat, and you can feel like you’re trying out a brand new game.

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    The Three Immortals have three different “charms”, each with their own characteristics, such as raising Arthur, opening the protective cover, and creating a magic platform.

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