The latest Tesla travels only 15 miles on a full battery | the cars

The latest Tesla travels only 15 miles on a full battery |  the cars

Delayed start of sales of Tesla’s Cybertruck. As a bleeder cloak, Tesla fans can now purchase a miniature version of the truck. This kids’ Cyberquad team, though, isn’t cheap.

Elon Musk seems to be thinking a lot about expanding his fan store at the moment. A dollar bill ridiculing whistleblowers in the United States quickly sold out. Earlier, the flamethrower, swimming trunks and Tesla tequila proved to be very popular. Now, with Christmas approaching, another electric car, albeit a small one, will follow.

The target group of the vehicle called “Cyberquad for Kids” consists of children from the age of eight. The quad car has a speed of 16 kilometers per hour and the lithium-ion battery has a range of 24 kilometers. According to US media, charging should take five hours. The game costs $1900.

However, the original larger truck, with a futuristic look, is still a long way off. Musk already introduced the stainless steel car in 2019, but the start of production has been postponed several times. This time around, the end of 2022 was mentioned as the production date, but you can never be sure of Elon Musk either.

Tesla Cyberquad. © Tesla

Watch the cars and navigation videos below:

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