The latest food bank fundraiser

The latest food bank fundraiser

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Voorburg – The fundraiser at Albert Heijn XL in Leidschendam (Westfield Mall of the Netherlands) and Jumbo in Voorburg (Julianaplein) on August 20 was another success.

Volunteers were ready all day to receive the products. And not without reason, no less than 169 boxes full of products were collected. And the food bank appreciates it very much. Especially if you take into account that prices are going up for everyone and it is not clear that people are buying something for someone else.

The Food Bank sees the demand for food packages increasing every week. At the moment, 165 packages are distributed per week. To be able to continue to do so, fresh inventory is urgently needed. That is why the food bank is organizing another Albert Heijn Collection Day in Voorburg (Julianaplein) on September 17, where shoppers are asked to purchase an additional product and donate it to the food bank.

You can always help the food bank with initiatives, but also with money at NL03 ABNA 0613583221 in the name of Food Bank LV. You can follow Leidschendam-Voorburg Food Bank on Facebook and Instagram.

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