The largest shopping center in the Netherlands has now opened

The largest shopping center in the Netherlands has now opened

Shopping Lovers, Pay Attention! The largest indoor shopping mall in the Netherlands, Westfield Mall Netherlands, It finally opened its doors. From brunch to shopping, from movie to all-inclusive; Everything is possible in the shopping mecca of at least 117,000 square meters (!) Leidschendam.

Westfield Mall Netherlands

Now that stores are slowly reopening by appointment, the opening of this shopping paradise is just around the corner. Westfield Mall was actually announced in 2017 and has finally been open since last week. From Restaurants at large number Designer- And lifestyle stores, Even one Kinpolis Cinema, a Gamestate And even that Youseum InstagramMuseum; Westfield Mall of The Netherlands offers everything under one roof. Also American stores Bath and Body Works at Victoria’s Secret They opened their doors in the mall. Combined with great architecture and special events (which we hope to enjoy again soon), there is nothing crazy about the shopping mall.

Westfield Mall Gallery

There is in the shopping center what is called “The show, Which is a space where pop-up stores will open and where products will be launched. This is a completely new concept for the Netherlands. What do you expect from this? A mix of designer brands and lifestyle like acetateAnd the Leather cosmetics at A taste of Amsterdam. Combined with cafes and specialty stores, the concept ensures that you have everything on hand for the best Shopping day.

Westfield Mall shopping

Curious about Westfield Mall? You can schedule shopping from each store. Unfortunately we are not able to use the restaurants, cinema, and bowling alley yet. When all stores are allowed to reopen, we can also enjoy various shopping mall events. So we still have to be patient!

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