The largest automotive project investment since Red Bull’s participation in Formula 1

Horner: Motorproject grootste investering sinds F1-deelname Red Bull

Red Bull acquired licensing from Jaguar at the end of 2004 and consistently entered Formula 1 the following year. The energy drink brand had been relying on an outboard engine supplier for all these years, but this will change from next year. Red Bull takes Honda engines at home and wants to start with a self-made power supply from 2025. Ben Hodgkinson has been taken from Mercedes for the purpose, and according to Horner, he could prove worthy of gold for Red Bull Powertrains.

The largest investment since the acquisition in 2004

“We did our research to create an automotive division on our campus,” Horner starts in the opposite direction, among other things. Netherlands. He finds it not surprising that Hodgkinson’s name came from this research. “If you are looking for talent in the UK, you don’t have to look around long to see that Mercedes has done a tremendous job. This is not only true in the past seven years, but actually in the past fifteen years. Mercedes has already created the first engine project in the UK.” Then it’s up to us to bring you the right talent, just like we did with the chassis department. Since you are also looking for people who are really close to you, Ben is the perfect candidate. We are so glad he accepted our show. “

In addition to the Hodgkinson, more motorcycle experts should be brought to Milton Keynes, where three halls are now constructed and equipped with the necessary equipment. A project that will cost a lot of money financially. “We are investing heavily in our on-campus facilities, yes. Perhaps this is the largest investment since Team Jaguar took over at the end of 2004. The commitment of Red Bull is huge as we try to be prepared for what new engine regulations, in 2025 or 2026, may bring. With these last words, Horner indicates once again that Red Bull wants to manufacture its own hybrid engine for the long term. “The intent seems clear to me with these plans,” the Brit coldly replied.

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Everything in the house is ready for the future

“All in all, it is a huge challenge, but it is very interesting and we are fully accepting it. This will make us the only team after Ferrari to actually produce the chassis and engine under one roof, and the technical teams will be fully integrated,” Horner paints the future picture. “This allows us to make the most of mutual cooperation. This is very important because we are already dealing with a budget ceiling and because the motors will soon also fall under the budget ceiling. The steps we are taking now make this possible for us. Our company.”

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