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The vigil resumes under the slogan “It is time for freedom” in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva every Wednesday after a forced halt due to the outbreak of a pandemic. A “resistance tent” was set up yesterday morning in front of the United Nations building, after which the activists gathered for a march.

In protest against the silence of the United Nations against the demands of the Kurdish people, the participants turned their backs symbolically to the United Nations building. Musician Kawa Urmia gave a speech on behalf of the Kurdish Community in Switzerland (CDK-S) and said: The guerrilla war in the mountains, prisoners in Turkey and the Kurds living in Europe are behind the Kurdish movement’s freedom campaign and manifestation. Collective resistance. “

Urmia referred to the hunger strike of political prisoners in Turkey against the isolation of Abdullah Ocalan and the violation of their rights in detention centers, and said that the demands must be met. “In response to the silence of the international community on the crimes of the Turkish state, we will continue to raise our voices everywhere,” Urmia said.

Send 10,000 letters to the UN Secretary-General

Commenting on the campaign for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan and a just peace in Turkey, Salih Saglam, president of the Geneva-based CDK Center, said that more than 10,000 messages had already been sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The messaging campaign was launched in January by COSATU and the Kurdish Human Rights Working Group (KHRAG) in South Africa. A coordinated international solidarity campaign aims to persuade the United Nations to take action. The United Nations set a precedent by calling for Nelson Mandela’s release, and it also played a critical role in adopting the so-called Nelson Mandela Rules, which set the UN minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners. These precedents are the basis for the treatment of political prisoners and also confirm that the release of real and credible leaders is critical to any peace process.

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Along with many other organizations around the world, the KCDK-E European Kurdish League has also joined the writing campaign.

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