There are fears in the United States that the strike of actors and screenwriters in Hollywood will continue until at least the fall. As a result, many major films that were scheduled for release later this year will likely be delayed because they cannot be promoted beyond the summer. However, the potential impact of this on the supply of films in Dutch cinemas remains unclear, RTL News reports.

Kaap Holland Film sees the problem that people in the United States fear now. “If the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike continues after the fall, it is very likely that all kinds of major releases of American films will be postponed, because the actors of these films cannot do any promotion,” says director Martin Swart.

“This also means that there will be more space in the release schedule and this could be beneficial for other films, including Dutch productions such as Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights.”

A Dutch FilmWorks spokeswoman said: “Not much can be said about the impact yet.” “And also because we don't know how long this will last. But of course, if the international releases are moved or, for example, if there are no promotional options, that will also have consequences for the Dutch release of those films.”

In the United States, several major productions are scheduled to be released starting in October. This includes movies like The Marvels, Dune 2, Napoleon, Wonka, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Films such as “Bon Benny: Bangkok Nights, Sint Ahoy!” In the Netherlands as of this fall. Just like in the movie.