The House of Lords and Queen also bless the Brexit deal

The House of Lords and Queen also bless the Brexit deal

Earlier in the day, the House of Commons also approved the Brexit deal with a large majority. Both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the House of Lords, were summoned from the Christmas break for a private session.

an agreement

The United Kingdom left the European Union at the end of January, but was bound by existing agreements until the end of this year. The failure to reach an agreement threatened to chaos and costly trade barriers after the end of the year. London and Brussels have concluded agreements on fishing rights, equal opportunities between British companies and companies from European Union countries and compliance with the agreements.

The European Parliament has yet to approve the agreement. Because that will not happen until next year, a temporary arrangement was needed in Brussels to ensure that trade tariffs are not suddenly implemented on January 1. This was arranged earlier this week. The European Commission has proposed an interim settlement until February 28 to give Parliament time for a comprehensive review of the deal.

Scotland and Northern Ireland

By the way, the Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland rejected the treaty, but their vote did not affect the London trial. The Scots have reiterated that they do not like Brexit, and there are fears in Northern Ireland that the departure of the British could cause economic damage.

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