The hacking attack on Ukraine was the ‘biggest ever’, and there is still uncertainty about the forces

The hacking attack on Ukraine was the 'biggest ever', and there is still uncertainty about the forces

Although the Kremlin claims that Russia is withdrawing some of its forces from the border region with Ukraine, Ukraine itself says there is no indication of a Russian withdrawal yet. The Ukrainian defense minister relies on information from his intelligence services.

His ministry and a number of banks were subjected to a cyber attack today and yesterday. Ukraine is talking about the largest hacking attack on the country ever and suspects Russia is behind it.

Russia denies this. According to the United States, it is not yet possible to determine who is responsible for the cyber attack. A Dutch server could have been used in the attack. BNR reported that she was taken offline at the request of the police.

7000 extra soldiers

Meanwhile, according to NATO and the United States, Russia continues to send troops and equipment to the border area with Ukraine. According to a senior White House official, as many as 7,000 additional troops are stationed at the border and that Russian reports of the withdrawal are “inaccurate.”

Moscow insists it will remove the troops from the border area. Reuters quoted the Russian ambassador to Ireland as saying that the army in western Russia will return to its normal positions within three to four weeks.

The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that part of the force had left the border area due to the end of military exercises in that area. He did not say how many soldiers would leave.

Russia distributed this video of an alleged equipment recall:

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