The Greens also agreed to the German coalition agreement, and Schulz was sworn in on Wednesday

The Greens also agreed to the German coalition agreement, and Schulz was sworn in on Wednesday

Supporters of the Green Party also agreed to an alliance agreement with the Social Democratic Party and the liberal Free Democratic Party. 86 percent of the members voted in favour. Last weekend, members of the other two parties had already approved the plans of the new German government.

It is now certain that the so-called Traffic Light Coalition, named after the colors of the three parties, will form the next German government. The coalition agreement will be signed tomorrow, after which SPD leader Schulz will be formally elected as the new chancellor on Wednesday.

Alliance parties want to make a strong commitment to sustainability and modernization. In Germany, the Internet (mobile) infrastructure is poor compared to neighboring countries. Efforts are also being made to address the housing shortage and the minimum wage is rising.

well-known ministers

All sixteen ministerial positions are now filled by the three parties. The new government will have an equal number of men and women. Only two ministers from the former East Germany. Not a single minister comes from Bavaria, the state with the largest population after North Rhine-Westphalia.

The leader of the Green Party during the election campaign, Annalena Barbock, became Secretary of State. Robert Habeck, the party’s co-chair, takes over as Minister of Climate and Economy.

SPD supplies the Minister of Health, among other things. This position is held by the epidemiologist and health economist Karl Lauterbach. He demanded strict measures to contain the virus since the outbreak of the epidemic. The Minister for Private Housing is also from the Social Democrats.

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The Liberals would get the important ministries of finance (led by FDP leader Christian Lindner) and justice.

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