The Greatest Currency Theft: Hackers stole more than $ 5.7 million

The Greatest Currency Theft: Hackers stole more than $ 5.7 million

With its help, users can create their own unique digital token whose value will grow depending on how popular the content creator is.

These digital icons are used by artists / celebrities who then distribute them to their fans who prove to be the most loyal. This platform is now the target of a hacker attack that has left a large number of users without these tokens. As Roll points out, the deletion occurred due to a breach of the digital key of one of the wallets, and they noticed that it was not an error / error in the smart contacts or the contracts of these tokens.

Analyst Igor Ijambirdev noted that the attackers “won” nearly 3,000 Ethereum cryptocurrencies, or about $ 5.7 million. 700 of these social icons have already been sent to Tornado Cash, which is a tool hackers use to erase / hide their tracks. Igamberdiev notes that this hacker attack could be an “insider affair” because the private keys were hacked and the victims themselves gave their consent for these transfers to take place, according to Decrypt reports.

In a statement, Roll apologized to his clients and announced $ 500,000 in assistance to creators and their communities: “It is very difficult to determine the extent to which all of this has been destroyed. We apologize very much for what happened. We take security very seriously and strive for it to gain the trust of creators and communities with their social money. But today we made a mistake! ”- According to the advertisement of that company.

With the help of these tokens, artists can distribute their coins through ERC-20 (blockchain cryptocurrencies Ethereum) benchmarks, after which they need to determine how their community will earn and spend that social currency. Hackers can exchange these tokens for other cryptocurrencies, which is what they did in this case for the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Roll was founded by former Coindesk portal analyst, Bradley Miles. To date, the company has released more than 160 different icons, and it is the first in the world to open such a platform.

After the attack, these social icons experienced a sharp decline in value.

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