The GOP has a Trump problem, but the Senate race could go on for another month

The GOP has a Trump problem, but the Senate race could go on for another month

While significant numbers of votes have yet to be counted, one thing is clear in the US: The announced red wave will not be imminent. While the GOP is on the right track to regain control of the House of Representatives, the Senate may remain in the hands of Democrats. A decision on this will not be made until December 6.

Why is this important?

All polls predicted a big win for the Republicans. The opposite is true. Joe Biden appears to be on track to achieve the best result since George W. Bush in 2002. What is remarkable is the widespread distaste that voters display toward the candidates presented by former President Trump.


Parliament Coming into the hands of the Republicans, the question is how large their majority will be.

  • CNN forecasts that the Republicans will get 222 seats at the moment and the Democrats in 213 seats.
  • Control of the House requires 218 seats, which, as expected, puts Republicans on course for a majority.

Senate It’s still a thriller, set largely in 4 instances:

  • In Pennsylvania, Democrats won a seat that had been held by Republicans. Jon Fetterman defeated the Trump-backed TV doctor Mehmet Oz.
  • The provisional resolution 48/48 means Democrats need to retain two of their three most threatened seats in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada to retain the Senate.
  • The Democratic candidates were in the lead in the first two candidates at the time of writing. The Republican candidate wins in Nevada.
  • However, none of the candidates will get the required fifty percent in Georgia. A third candidate will run with 2.1% of the vote. If confirmed, there will be a second round on December 6.

I noticed

  • Michigan has passed an amendment to the state constitution that provides for the right to abortion and other decisions related to pregnancy.
  • In traditionally republican Kentucky, the amendment specifying that the state constitution does not guarantee the right to abortion appears to have failed.
  • In Florida, Ron DeSantis wins the evening and turns the Sunshine State into a Republican stronghold. Many within the Republican Party now view him as the party’s future.

Preliminary conclusion

  • The results are a far cry from the “red wave” that many expected.
  • When it’s all over, it’s not unreasonable for Democrats to deliver the strongest midterm performance for the incumbent president’s party in two decades.
  • “[Het is] Republican Senator Lindsey Graham admitted. “surely.”
  • The Republican-dominated House will force Joe Biden to move to the center.
  • Donald Trump’s support for candidates outside the political mainstream – or celebrities with no political experience – is costing Republican seats. Trump remains important within the Republican Party, but he will now also have to deal with more moderate Republican opposition.
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