The Google Home app is the “accessibility roles” for devices

The Google Home app is the "accessibility roles" for devices

When we first found out that the function was in development. Back in September of last year, Google is preparing to offer family members “accessible” roles in the Google Home app.

The ability to share your family at home with other Google Home users is beneficial for families and roommates, ensuring that everyone can interact with smart home devices from phones and speakers. However, this has always been a one-size-fits-all approach. However, this will soon change with the arrival of new accessibility roles in the Google Home app.

more than Android Police I’ve noticed the Google Home app for Android is rolling out the UI at least for this change, although at this point nothing is fully functional. Under “Family” settings, you can see the new “Access Summary” page, which lists “Access details” and “Device.” For now, the “Details” page is blank, but it specifies everyone as admin. There is also an equipment list that shows all the devices connected to the home, but there are no options for that yet. Google provides some clarifications about this feature on the page, but it is assumed that this paragraph may change when you change the settings.

Anyone in the house can view all activities and later access all devices and settings, including added equipment. They can modify all home settings and add and remove devices, services, and people in that home.

Most likely, it waits for more server-side changes from Google before it is fully operational. Anyway, this appears to be a useful new option!

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