The giant food supermarket company apologizes for declaring “super spread”

The giant food supermarket company apologizes for declaring "super spread"

A supermarket chain put its introduction into place after publishing a deaf ad in its own magazine.

It shows a photo of shrimp, fruit, and cheese dishes – apparently in reference to gathering together to share food – with text declaring, “Host? Super Spread Plan,” TMZ reports.

The US chain, Giant Food – with locations in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and in the nation’s capital – ran full-page advertising to encourage readers to host gatherings, as well as share meals with one another.

But TMZ notes that word choice is synonymous with terms related to the coronavirus outbreak, especially “super-spread.”

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A superspreader event is a gathering in which an infectious person infects many other people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There is no set rule for the number of cases that lead to a gathering in superspreader status, but Perry Halketes, dean of Rutgers College of Public Health, said: “It could be a 10-person birthday or a 100-person wedding big. One to infect many. “

Moreover, with COVID-19 cases soaring in the New York state tri-area, as well as in other parts of the nation, the governors of New York and New Jersey recently issued executive orders barring Thanksgiving travel and limiting indoor gatherings to 10. people or less.

Despite all of that, a new survey finds that more than a third of Americans plan to have Thanksgiving dinner with 10 or more people.

Giant Food has apologized.

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“While the choice of words was poor, it was too late, Giant had no intentions of insensitivity,” she said in a statement.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

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