The future of mobility in pictures

The future of mobility in pictures

In movies like Blade Runner, Star Trek, and Iron Man, state-of-the-art vehicles drive (or fly). If you ask people in 1982 when we saw a car like that one from the Blade Runner on the road, the answer probably wouldn’t be 2021. However, in 2021, more and more electric sci-fi cars will hit the road.

Buick’s new SmartPod wasn’t on the road this year, but it does give a glimpse into the future of mobility. Although we have to say that Blade Runner, Star Trek, and Iron Man also did a good job.

SmartPod: The future of self-driving cars?

Buick introduced the new SmartPod at Auto Guangzhou 2021, one of the most important car shows that returns annually in the southern China city. The car was created by the advanced design studio of General Motors in the United States.

The car is an example of how safe and comfortable fully autonomous vehicles can be and can provide a good driving experience. To do this, the SmartPod uses GM’s self-driving car technology and the “Ultium” platform, which is developing large, modular batteries.

The self-driving SmartPod from Buick is designed for the consumer who lives a “busy busy” life. Pod’s luxurious furnishings and technologies allow passengers to maximize their productivity.

GM Buick SmartPod
smart pod (Photo: General Motors)

Stunning design

The SmartPod looks like a very good futuristic car from the outside. Not only is the technology used in this car progressive, but the design is also ahead of its time. For example, this car does not have a steering wheel.

The windows on the side of the SmartPod seem to be missing. Or is this perhaps a requirement to be able to travel through different galaxies? No, seriously, where did the windows go? Product photos of the car show that you can see it from the inside out. So you don’t have the feeling that you are being transported from A to B in some kind of self-driving capsule. In addition, this design naturally provides a great deal of privacy for occupants.

General Motors Buick SmartPod
SmartPod inside (Photo: General Motors)

The best thing about this futuristic car, in our opinion, is the “sleeping seat” in the photo above. The backrest of this chair reclines completely, which also allows you to have a beautiful and productive sleep while the car is in motion. useful!

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Driving in SmartPods: The Future of Mobility in Pictures

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