The fleeing bonobos are safely back in Blankendale | abroad

The fleeing bonobos are safely back in Blankendale |  abroad

The bonobos escaped and climbed a tree near his home. Expedition Bonobo opened less than three years ago, but it is one of the most popular places to visit at Mechelen Zoo.

When the bonobos escaped from his enclosure, Planckendael immediately activated the emergency plan and began clearing the garden.

“Safety is our priority. Their caretakers are doing everything they can to get the animal back to its enclosure.” Most of the visitors were children on a school trip. Water bottles were distributed.

The police help with the evacuation

The police also received an emergency call from Blankendale. We immediately went to the scene with several units. When we arrived, the park’s evacuation was in full swing,” says Dirk van de Sande, a spokesperson for Mechelen Willbrook Police.

The officers assisted the staff in escorting the visitors out. “A number of people were taken to safety in a building in the park. We got them out of there with our cars,” the chief inspector explains. It is not yet clear how many people were in the park at the time of the escape.

The guards gave the monkey a banana with anesthesia. Then it was just waiting for the animal to sleep. Around 1:30 p.m., he was arrested and brought back to his residence.

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