The first truly wireless TV. Even electric!

Sans fil, mais uniquement pour un écran d’environ 40 pouces. © Reasonance

A Russian startup has unveiled a cable-free powered TV. This system, based on magnetic resonance, allows the television to be moved about one meter away from the power supply unit.

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In addition to the novelties introduced by various TV manufacturers during CES 2021, there are concepts. LG did its best with the show Transparent screens It can be incorporated into glass partitions or even into a “smart” bed, for example. The concept of a Russian company in the name of Logic Also observed during this 100% default version of CES.

This is a completely free cable and even its power supply. Cutting the data feed wire to send it through the airwaves is one thing … to do the same with that ofenergy More problematic. And therefore, Samsung He embarked on this adventure unsuccessfully in 2019. His operation Magnetic Resonance It did not provide enough power to operate the TV properly.

Limit power and screen size

Today, Reasonance demonstrates that he managed to find a solution by improving this process. There is a receiver coil on the back of the TV. A second reel ofa program, And it is connected to the mains, about 50 cm from Television With a maximum distance of about 1 meter. The two units do not need to be facing each other for this to work.

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To hide this unit, it will be possible to put it in a file Wall. The only problem in history is that the technology can only provide 120 watts. With this force, large screens cannot operate. Thus, the concept revealed by Reasonance was limited to 40 inches diagonally. In contrast, the company claims this technology Magnetic Resonance They could be 90% more profitable than those currently available. It can be used in other products, such as DronesRobots and even electric cars.

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