The first possible impeachment vote for Trump in a few days

The first possible impeachment vote for Trump in a few days

The US House of Representatives will likely vote on Tuesday or Wednesday to impeach President Trump. So said James Claiborne, one of the most important Democrats in the House. Democrats want to file a case against Trump for inciting supporters who stormed the Capitol.

With only ten days since Joe Biden’s inauguration, it is a short day to start impeachment. Thus, the goal does not appear to be to impeach Trump, but rather to prevent him from firing another shot at the presidency in 2024. Because this question is also voted into question.

If the House approves the measure, the Senate must consider it. But if he is at the head of the Democratic Party, it will be delayed.

Cleburne said the House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, wants to delay her getting on the wheels of Joe Biden. Because otherwise, the Senate will be preoccupied with impeachment procedures around his inauguration and will no longer pay attention to the appointment of new cabinet members.

Claiborne suggests that impeachment papers, for example, only go to the Senate after 100 days. “Let’s give the president-elect the 100 days he needs to start working,” he says.

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