The first clip “The Scream” brings old friends together again

The first clip "The Scream" brings old friends together again

In the US, it will take about a week for The Scream to reach theaters. We know very little about the movie yet, other than the return of all the main cast members.

Franchise stars Neve Campbell and David Arquette appeared on Good Morning America and took a clip. In the video below this article you can watch the first clip of the movie from 1 minute and 34 seconds. The two also talk briefly about the new movie.

“I can’t tell you much. I can tell you she’s having a good time in her life,” Campbell said about her character, Sidney Prescott, in it Scream.

“She’s a mom now and that gives her a whole level of fierceness. She’s satisfied and then chaos breaks out because it’s a Scream movie.” The duo is also talking about returning to the franchise for the first time in a decade and working with new cast members.

Trailers showed that the new Ghostface exists Scream Focuses on the families of other killers from previous films. They include Stu Masher, Billy Loomis, and Mrs. Loomis, Mickey Altieri, Roman Bridger, Charlie Walker and Jill Roberts.

Sydney is linked to two killers and so confronts Ghostface again:

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