“The first British Amazon Go store opens in Ealing this week.”

"The first British Amazon Go store opens in Ealing this week."

this week Amazon Open the UK’s first cashless Go platform. The store is located in the Ealing area of ​​West London.

Final preparations

The news was reported by The Mail on Sunday. According to the newspaper, workers have been busy in recent weeks and months with restoring and modifying the properties. Staff will now make final preparations for the store’s opening this week.

Amazon launched its first experience with “Just Walk Out” technology in 2018. The concept behind checkout-less is well known: Dozens of cameras and sensors record what customers take off the shelves. Upon leaving the store, products are automatically paid for via the Amazon Go app.

This is not the first time that rumors have spread about the first British site from Amazon Go. About a year ago, there was still talk of such a store in London’s Notting Hill area. Just like Ealing, it is located in West London but it is unclear if this is the same building. In 2019, Grocery Dive wrote that the first Amazon Go will be in central London.

The American web giant now has 25 Go’s in its country. The company did not want to comment on news of an imminent UK opening.

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