The FIA ​​enters talks with drivers after controversy over the US Grand Prix

FIA gaat met coureurs in gesprek na controverse Grand Prix van Verenigde Staten

Michael Massey plans to talk to the drivers about “marginal” decisions at the US Grand Prix. The FIA ​​race director understands Fernando Alonso’s frustration and wants to clear the air.

The Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas went very smoothly. There were no accidents, no giant collisions, and only dropouts were able to return to the garages under their own power. As a result, the safety car did not have to enter the track during the race. However, significant controversy arose over the race management’s decisions. Alonso was passed off the track by Kimi Räikkönen, which is normally not allowed, but he didn’t have to return the place.

Moments later, Alonso passed Antonio Giovinazzi off the track. However, the Spaniard was then ordered to return the spot, because otherwise he risked a five-second penalty. This caused a lot of frustration for Alonso, who did not understand what the race management was doing. “I understand his frustration,” Massey was quoted by as saying. “The decision on him and Pkeme at Turn 1 was definitely marginal. We will discuss it with all the drivers at the next meeting because I think there are two sides to the story so to speak.” , explains. “Obviously you had the same overtaking, then force him off the lane and then overtaking again. So that’s something we’ll discuss at the next meeting.”

Why didn’t Räikkönen have to return the place?

Masi points out that Raikkonen eventually got away with it because Alonso arguably pushed him off the track in the first place. “So it was a marginal decision. Obviously two items were considered, based on which the decision was made to leave it as is. But there is no doubt that it will be discussed at the next meeting.”

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