“The FIA ​​comes up in the US with a new rule: the lap time is now removed in the position marked with yellow”

``The FIA ​​comes up in the US with a new rule: the lap time is now removed in the position marked with yellow''

The FIA ​​may introduce a new rule requiring Formula 1 drivers’ lap times to be removed if they pass through the part of the track where a yellow flag is being waved while lapped. This should provide more clarity about the consequences of the yellow flag, especially in the playoffs.

This has been happening for years during qualifying: the driver “doesn’t get off the throttle enough” during the yellow flag condition on his fastest lap, eventually putting him back on the starting grid. A moment like this often has to be judged by race management, which incidentally gave Fernando Alonso the benefit of the doubt for the same offense last weekend in Turkey. The teams and the FIA ​​want to get rid of the subjectivity associated with the current regulations which is why new guidelines are emerging.

The FIA ​​is currently studying a new rule under which lap time for drivers who pass the “yellow” section of the track will be automatically removed. As a result, it was no longer feasible to drive quickly under the yellow flag and discussions with the race management after that ended. The rule change may already be tested at the US Grand Prix.

Massey aims for testing in Texas

“Such a rule already exists for the track limits,” race director Michael Massey explains in a conversation with him Motorsport.comAnd Referring to the cancellation of lap times if drivers depart from the limits of the track on the track. “We will see if we can now also apply this to situations where the yellow flag has been waved. Some consultations are still needed, but a meeting is scheduled for next week, where this is on the agenda. We can already try it in Austin (Prix). Great American, editor).

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