The family blindly follows navigation and spends 48 hours in the wild

The family blindly follows navigation and spends 48 hours in the wild

Although Google is almost omniscient, it is equally good to take a critical look at the path that navigation provides. Before you know it, you’ll be driving to Deventer, Missouri instead of Overijssel. or to one of the other three derns. Whatever you do, you probably won’t outgrow this family. The family blindly followed navigation and was rewarded with an involuntary survival experience in the wild for at least 48 hours.

according to 9 news A woman with her two children and her mother left Queensland, Australia, for Adelaide. This is a 24 hour highway trip, but Google Maps thinks its 21 hour route. The only problem is that this road is unpaved and there is no other chicken to see.

No asphalt and no phone coverage

The driver did not pay attention to the private path and strictly followed Google’s directions. The roads were getting worse and eventually the Hyundai Tucson (not pictured) came to a halt about 50 kilometers from the last piece of paved road. There was no phone coverage, so they couldn’t call anyone. After a futile search for other people, they returned to the SUV.

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Help was nowhere to be found, so when they ran out of food and drink, they had to drink water from puddles to survive. Fortunately, other people missed the family, so the police sent a helicopter into the sky to search for the car. 48 hours later, the stranded sports car was seen and the family was finally rescued.

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