The European Union penalizes Belarusian and Syrian airlines for human smuggling | Abroad

The European Union penalizes Belarusian and Syrian airlines for human smuggling |  Abroad

At the same time, the European Union, the United States, Great Britain and Canada announced actions against Belarus for, among other things, human rights violations. The European Union, the United States and other countries have in the past joined forces against the Lukashenko regime.

Sanctions should put an end to the practices of President Lukashenko, who according to the European Union uses asylum seekers to retaliate against the union. He brought Iraqis and Syrians home, among other countries, and then sent them across the borders with European Union countries, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Thousands were stranded in the bitter cold.

In addition to the state airline Belavia and Syrian Cham Wings, the European Union also sanctions a travel agency and an office in Istanbul that arranges papers for asylum seekers who wanted to travel to the European Union via Belarus. Hotels that served as intermediate stations and a border guard unit led by Lukashenko’s son were also targeted. The latter is said to have moved asylum seekers across the border into the European Union.

The EU is also reimposing sanctions on a number of Belarusian border officials, judges and other Lukashenko supporters. Not only will they be complicit in the “state-led human smuggling” that Brussels blames on Lukashenko, but they will also be punished for other crimes. For example, to crush the opposition. Sanctions will also be imposed on a number of state-owned companies from which Lukashenko earns his money.

The sanctioned persons and organizations can no longer access the funds they deposited in the European Union. European companies and citizens are no longer allowed to do business with them. Persons on the sanctions list are no longer allowed to enter the union.

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