The European Union Damage Fund is in the making for Brexit

The European Union Damage Fund is in the making for Brexit

The European Commission has published a proposal to pay compensation to companies and governments affected by Brexit. After Ireland, the Netherlands will likely receive the largest amount.

The commission wants 5 billion euros to be distributed to member states of the European Union. Distribution for each member state depends on gross national product, reliance on exports, and population size. Member states have yet to agree to the proposal.

Of the 5 billion euros, 4 billion euros will be disbursed this year. The rest of the amount will come in 2024. According to the proposal, the Netherlands will receive 757 million euros out of 4 billion euros. Of this amount, 140 million euros have been reserved for fishing.

Export of agricultural products

LTO hopes that agriculture and horticulture will claim a portion of the remaining funds. Dutch agricultural exports make up a large part of the total Dutch exports to the United Kingdom.

Still unoccupied in UK ports. However, according to Klas Johan Osinga, international advisor at LTO Nederland, there remains a lot of uncertainties about the documents, both vegetarian and animal. This is partly because the UK authorities are still busy arranging the procedures.

The question is whether customs and inspections will be able to handle it when the crowds increase.

Livestock import

For the import of livestock, a special checkpoint has been set up by the Stena Line, on the north bank of the port of Rotterdam. Hatching eggs and old chicks can go here.

This should be possible for horses at the end of January. The United Kingdom is an important country for horses. Importing via France is expensive. There are no provisions for sheep and cattle on the Stena Line. They should first go to Schiphol for inspection.

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