The European Union and the United Nations condemn the arrest of the leaders of Mali | abroad

Major international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union and the African Union have condemned the arrest of the President of Mali and the Prime Minister by the army of the West African country. And in a joint statement, signed by the United States and Great Britain, they demanded “immediate and unconditional freedom” for politicians.

The two politicians were arrested by the Malian army and taken to a military base outside the capital, Bamako. The Minister of Defense in the Interim Government of Mali was reportedly taken. The army intervened after a redistribution of ministerial posts on Monday. Two members of the military council that took power in August have lost their posts.

President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Mukhtar Awani had to prepare the country for new elections within a year and a half after last year’s military coup, after which a civilian government could take power again. They also had to present a new constitution.


The Dutch embassy in Mali warned Monday that Dutch people should not take to the streets in Bamako. “Follow the local news. “Stay home if it is not necessary to go out,” said a statement distributed by the Foreign Ministry.

Mali has been dealing with a jihadist uprising since 2012. At first this was only true in the north, but the groups later moved to the center of the country and to the neighboring countries Burkina Faso and Niger. A United Nations stabilization mission has been deployed to the country again.

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