The EU-UK-Norway deal: The first fishing deal since Brexit

The EU-UK-Norway deal: The first fishing deal since Brexit

Fishermen of herring, cod, haddock, eggs and fish will soon know their place in the near future thanks to the agreement. It is likely that it will become clear how the agreement will work for Dutch hunters next week.

Norway is not part of the European Union and has long entered into fishing agreements with Brussels. Nowadays, there is also a separate place at the negotiating table for the United Kingdom, which left the European Union last year and no longer follows EU rules since the start of the year.

Small fish are protected

London and Brussels agreed on temporary fishing limits last year, pending a final agreement. Since it was not possible to finalize negotiations with the Norwegians before then, fishermen from the European Union are no longer allowed to fish in Norwegian waters since the old regulation expired on January 1 and vice versa. This severely affected the Danish Hunters in particular. Now they can access again.

Fishermen are allowed to catch 7.4 percent less herring this year, 2.3 percent less salmon and even a quarter less. The share of cod will be reduced by 10 percent. They are allowed to hunt 19 and 20 percent more than whiting and haddock, respectively.

Brussels, London and Oslo will also protect smaller fish, for example by shutting down some waters. They will work together to monitor fish stocks.

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