The EU reports standardized charging cables with USB-C

The EU reports standardized charging cables with USB-C

Regardless of the brand, as of mid-2024, all smartphone manufacturers must adhere to the EU’s unified standards for chargers. So far, the charging cables for the associated device have been different for almost every brand. If a cable is lost, it is especially expensive to get an original part from the manufacturer.

ze cables, no chargers

At least for the cable, there will now be a unified standard with the well-established USB-C standard. Many Samsung devices are equipped with it. Apple already offers tablets with a USB-C port, and the iPhone 15 Ultra should come with a USB-C port.

Cameras, laptops and other new devices will also be unified in this regard. However, the charger itself can still vary depending on the model and likely not remain compatible between different devices and manufacturers.

EU Parliament wants ‘right to reform’

The European Parliament also wants to vote on a right to repair that would allow a longer life for electronic devices with the help of simpler repairs.

Until now, devices were often intended for one-time use only and disposed of rather than repaired even if there were minor defects. This must change now for reasons of climate and environmental protection.

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