The end of the ‘Kingsman’ franchise story? ‘King’s Man’ Headed For A Bad Opening Weekend

The end of the 'Kingsman' franchise story?  'King's Man' Headed For A Bad Opening Weekend

No Time to Die showed that the box office was still alive (with earnings of $756 million at the worldwide box office. But a similar movie didn’t seem to work.)

Box Office Pro announced today that The King’s Man doesn’t appear to be enjoying a good box office appearance. The movie is trending around $10-15 million in the US, and will eventually end up grossing between $35-55 million.

Painful performance
The previous two films in KingsmanThe franchise scored equally, with both grossing over $100 million at the US box office. And worldwide they reached 414 and 410 million dollars. Great performance, but it looks like a prequel movie King’s man You won’t be able to match it.

It’s hard to pinpoint why the movie tracks so poorly. But that may be because the movie has to compete with Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections. These are two films that target roughly the same demographic.

By the way, will King’s man Could be better on the Disney+ streaming service. The film is said to debut there 45 days after the theatrical release. Perhaps the franchise is good there.

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