The Dutch poet refuses to translate Gorman’s works

The Dutch poet refuses to translate Gorman's works

The Hague, Netherlands (AP) – The writer chosen to translate the works of American poet Amanda Gorman has returned to the main Dutch language after criticism for choosing a white author to translate the words of a black woman who is the youngest editorial poet in the world. History of the United States.

Marek Lucas Reinfeld, who last year became the youngest writer to win the International Booker Prize, through her novel “Evening Tight,” announced the decision in a Friday tweet.

The Dutch translation of “The Hill We Climb” Gorman was widely praised at US President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and Molenhof will publish it at the end of March.

“I was shocked by the uproar surrounding my participation in publishing Amanda Gorman’s letter,” said Regenfeld, who writes poetry and novels. “I understand Mullenhoff chose to ask me about people who feel hurt.”

Mejulinhof General Manager Mike Lu Noble said in a statement that the publisher wanted to learn from the experience.

“We will find a team that we will work with to translate Amanda’s words and message of hope and inspiration as much as possible and into her mind,” said Le Noble.

The publisher said earlier this week that Rainfield was the interpreter he had dreamed of, stating that “Amanda Gorman herself was immediately excited about the selection of the young poet.”

Janice Deol, the activist and journalist who wrote an opinion piece on the topic for De Volkskrant, was one of the critics of Rheinfeld’s Choice.

“We don’t take anything away from Rijneveld’s qualities, but why not – just like Gorman – don’t choose a spoken word artist, young, female, black without apology.

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On Friday, Deul tweeted: “Thanks for this decision,” and hashtags Rijneveld and Meulenhoff.

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