The Dragon Age 4 trailer gives us a look at the upcoming game

The Dragon Age 4 trailer gives us a look at the upcoming game

By Sherif Saeed, Friday 11th December 2020, 00:58 GMT

As promised, we got new footage for Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards today.

BioWare debuted in a new, behind-the-scenes look Dragon Age 4 Today as part of The Game Awards 2020.

Similar to the latest reveal, which was dropped in August at Opening Night Live, today’s footage also features interviews with the developers and some early details about the team’s goals with the game.

There aren’t a lot of details there, but you do see Darkspawn, Solas, and some characters.

Dragon Age 4 – or whatever EA and BioWare are actually calling it, has been in various forms of development for years. The studio first pitted it with a nondescript CG trailer at the game’s awards ceremony in 2018, and has been slowly dropping hints about the game ever since.

Last year, EA said it expects Dragon Age 4 to arrive in or after 2022, which explains why we can only play so little. In any case, it’s nice to see development progressing well, especially given recent news of two high-profile departures at BioWare, including longtime executive producer Mark Darra.

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