The Cyprus travel corridor is at risk as cases rise

The Cyprus travel corridor is at risk as cases rise

THe just arrived from Maria Georgieva in Moscow:

Russia confirmed the highest daily death toll from the Corona virus, a record number of 317 deaths.

Russian officials continued to reassure the public that they would not reinforce the new strict lockdown measures despite a renewed increase in coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases to 1447,335 cases and 24,952 deaths.

Earlier this year, when Russia was witnessing a spike in the number of new cases, relatives and experts, who check the country’s statistics, told The Telegraph that the true death toll in the country may be much higher, claiming that many deaths in Russia have not occurred. Record it as related to Covid despite the dead showing symptoms of Corona virus.

The record number of daily deaths comes one day after Russia announced its highest increase in one day, amounting to 16,319 new infections. 15,700 cases were reported on Wednesday, significantly lower than the day before.

Most of the new infections were recorded in Moscow, the epicenter of the epidemic, which recorded 4,389 new cases of Covid-19. However, the daily increase in capital has decreased. Yesterday, 20 October, 4,999 cases were detected.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Russia has recorded 1,447,335 infections.

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