The cyber attack crippled the terrestrial Internet of A1 «»

The cyber attack crippled the terrestrial Internet of A1 «»

From Vienna to Graz, the fixed line internet from A1 did not work on Thursday morning. The reason was a DDOS attack.

10:51 AM February 18, 2021


The A1 communication group struggled with one Thursday morning Fixed internet failed in Austria. Even the A1 website was temporarily unavailable, as was the technical hotline. Thousands of A1 customers from all over Austria reported problems with

The reason was according to information from A1 DDOS attack, Resulting in a routing issue (DDos: intentionally causing external server overload, comparable to intentional traffic congestion). Thanks to the rapid intervention of A1 experts, the issue was resolved around 10:45 AM.

It was emphasized that the failure only affected the terrestrial Internet. Fixed line phones and cellular networks always work. Consequently, customers using mobile internet were not affected. Fixed internet clients had the option to set up a WiFi via mobile hotspot.

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