The cuckoo returns to the UK after a tour of the Moroccan Sahara

The cuckoo returns to the UK after a tour of the Moroccan Sahara

May 3, 2021 – 8:20 PM – The World


Migratory birds such as cuckoos often move to Morocco as they migrate to warmer regions. This includes the PJ cuckoo, which has been observed since 2016 by scientists from the British Ornithological Fund (BTO) as part of the Cuckoo Tracking Project. After traveling more than 50,000 miles between Morocco and the United Kingdom, the bird has returned to the King’s Forest in Suffolk. During his journey, PJ crossed the Moroccan Sahara ten times.

The BTO project began in 2011 to explain the steep decline in the number of cuckoos in Great Britain. The specimen that researchers have named PJ has been followed since 2016 on its annual trip to Africa, where it spends the winter months. The site stated that during this period, the bird crossed the Moroccan Sahara ten times without any problems

On April 24th, PJ returned to the area he usually lives in at King’s Forest in Suffolk. “New data received from PJ Lighthouse at 7:30 AM on April 22nd showed that it traveled the last 223 miles from Isle of Wight to Suffolk,” according to the BTO reports on its website. “We have been watching PJ closely since the start of his return journey last February.”

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