The cover of “The Economist” blames Italians

The cover of "The Economist" blames Italians

The Italian ambassador in London choked on his coffee when he received by mail the youngest economist. Inspired by old stereotypes.

“Although spaghetti and pizza are the most desirable foods in the world, and we are the second largest producer of them in Europe, we recommend that you make a different cover next time.” In a letter to the editor-in-chief The Economist The Italian ambassador to the UK has denounced the latest groundbreaking weekly cover.

The cover shows future former Prime Minister Liz Truss with a fork and pizza in hand. She is depicted as a fighting Roman emperor. The pizza is the shield, and the fork with some strands of spaghetti is the sword. Bad and “based on old stereotypes,” the ambassador judges. The translated title is: “Welcome to Britain.”

It is clear that “Britain” is a contraction of Great Britain and Italy. View of the hunk in this edition? Analysis comparing the current situation of the United Kingdom with that of Italy. Where poor leadership, low productivity, and slow economic growth are the rule rather than the exception. Not the kind of analysis with which a magazine makes friends in a shoe-like country.

But subscribe to The Economist Cancellation is not possible immediately. “I am happy to read,” says the Italian ambassador. Something about Italian successes in the pharmaceutical, automobile or biotech sector seems to be a better approach for the next Italian piece.

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