The container on the Prinsessestraat has been removed; Fine for the owner

Container aan Prinsessestraat verwijderd; boete voor eigenaar

Marine container 40 feet

A 40-foot (sea) container that has been standing on the edge of the Prinsessestraat for some time, was recently removed by order of the crisis team at the Ministry of Public Works (OW). The colossus and the situation caused inconvenience and also led to complaints from the residents.

This is in accordance with regulatory measures which will come into effect on January 1, 2022. Under the supervision of the Environment Police and with the support of the Suriname Police Force (KPS), the container has been removed. Fine the owner of the metal box for the violation and display all additional costs.

The fine and all costs incurred were paid in the meantime. The Ministry of Public Works assures that it will not tolerate such matters related to environmental pollution. Very strict action will be taken when such actions occur.

The community is invited to contact the crisis team at the Ministry of Public Works in cases where things are hampering the environment and/or road safety. The team can be contacted at the contact and application number: 8989114.

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