The Commonwealth responds to Harry and Meghan’s interview: “ I see it …

The Commonwealth responds to Harry and Meghan's interview: `` I see it ...

The consequences of an Oprah Winfrey interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not only felt in Buckingham Palace and the UK itself, but also in some of the Commonwealth countries. In Australia and Jamaica, among others, the utility of the monarchy has been (again) openly questioned.

After the interview in which Meghan and Harry opened their pamphlet on life in the British court, the question was raised publicly in some Commonwealth countries whether they still wanted Queen Elizabeth as the (symbolic) head of state.

The Commonwealth of Nations consists of states that were part of the British Empire. The voluntary partnership consists of 54 countries that have a queen at the head of the state. It is rare for nations to leave the Commonwealth of Nations, but it does happen. Ireland and Zimbabwe did this in 1949 and 2003 respectively, and it remains to be seen whether more countries will follow this example through the interview.

In any case, the British court’s accusation of racism did not go unnoticed on social media in the Commonwealth of Caribbean countries. at Jamaica Anchor Dion Jackson Miller announces on Twitter that she is expecting Megan “He would have faced racism” In the British court. In another tweet, she noticed Megan is lighter in complexion than many Jamaicans.

at Uganda Columnist Zei Nicholas Singoba Fulgens News agency Then again the interview “opens eyes more” when it comes to benefits for the Commonwealth. He spoke of the “unresolved issues” between the United Kingdom and his country, the former colony. He wonders whether Commonwealth leaders are still “proud to have dinner” with British royals after allegations of racism.

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Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the informed interview showed the head of state Australia Must be an Australian citizen. You must be one of us. Not a Queen or King of the United Kingdom. According to him, many Australians admire the Queen, but not the British monarchy as an institution. In 1999, a referendum was held about the role of Elizabeth II in the country. Then it was decided to keep her as the official head of state. Member of Parliament Matt Thesselthwaite made it clear in a video that he wanted to bring the debate over the Republic of Australia back to the table.

at Canada Politician Jagmit Singh has been, among others, a critic. “I’ve said this in the past as well: I don’t see the benefits of ownership,” Singh said. “It does not benefit us at all, and certainly not now.” However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made it clear that he is not ready to open that debate right now. “My focus is on overcoming this epidemic.”

Also in New Zealand A split with the British monarchy did not appear imminent. I don’t feel the New Zealanders really want a major change in our constitutional arrangements. “I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told a news conference on Monday.

Ago United State A former colony within the British Empire, the country could in principle join the Commonwealth. However, the United States has never done so. The British royal family is popular there: A recent poll conducted before the interview showed that 68 percent of Americans have a positive image of the Queen. Meghan Markle is stranded 57%. These views can change now after the interview. Since the broadcast, the White House has called Megan Brave, and Beyoncé has also openly supported Megan. On her personal website they posted a picture of them with “Thank you Megan for your courage and leadership. We are all getting stronger with you and you are an inspiration.”

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Meghan and Harry’s interview was broadcast on the day after Commonwealth Day, a day designated for the Commonwealth. So, a few hours earlier, the Queen gave another speech in honor of that day. In it she called for unity.

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