The cause of the brake disc bonnet explosion is known

The cause of the brake disc bonnet explosion is known

Williams has revealed why the brake discs in Alexander Albon’s car exploded. Dave Robson, technical guy at Britain’s racing stable, said faulty setup was the culprit.

Robson said The shift position when switching from wet to dry weather tires is the culprit. “Albon had a brake problem caused by a wrong shift position when switching to dry weather tires, which caused the brake discs to fail,” Robson said.

Fear of Albon

Alexander Albon himself had a frightening moment when the brake discs came to a standstill. “It was scary,” Albon said. “Losing the brakes in this place is not nice, you know something is very wrong.” Surrender is not an option for the British Thais. “It’s a shame it turned out like that, but that’s something that can happen.”

There is no man in the sea

By the way, there is little reason to panic for Alexander Albon from his last starting point. During the previous Grand Prix in Australia, the 26-year-old also started at the back, then took Williams’ first point of the season with a special strategy. So in the weekend with the sprint race there is still plenty of possible for Albon.

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