The Cardinals and Dandrey Hopkins agree to a two-year extension of $ 54.5 million

The Cardinals and Dandrey Hopkins agree to a two-year extension of $ 54.5 million

DeAndre Hopkins lives in a new home, and is getting the pay raise he sought with his former team.

The Cardinals agreed to terms with Hopkins for a two-year extension of $ 54.5 million in the new money, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

The new deal is valued at $ 27.25 million annually for Hopkins in 2023 and 2024, and includes the $ 42.75 million guaranteed upon signature.

Arizona acquired Hopkins in a deal that was influenced by his desire for a deal worthy of his play. At $ 16.5 million a year, Hopkins is the ninth highest-paid recipient in all of the league, yet he is one of only two recipients in the entire league to have claimed the first All-Pro Team title in each of the last three seasons. The other, Julio Jones, the future of the Falcons, makes the most money on average ($ 22 million a year) at Position in the NFL.

Simply put, Hopkins wanted to be paid accordingly. Texas coach and general manager Bill O’Brien felt that the team’s financial prospects could not handle the big deals to deal with the left Larmy Tonsel, midfielders Deshawn Watson and Hopkins, so he sent him (and picked the fourth round) to Arizona to retreat to David Johnson, picking the second round and picking the fourth round in 2021. .

All of this is at the disposal of second-year coach Cliff Kingsbury in 2020. Thanks to this extension, Hopkins will be available to continue landing seasons of over 1,100 yards and double digits in the decade.

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