The best snow games and levels

The best snow games and levels

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For many people, December marks the beginning of cold weather, arid trees and, of course, snow. And just like real-life games, video games often have snow and winter levels or entire regions. Let’s put on some gloves and a good coat and go on the best snow of video games.

Just a quick note: We’ve already published a similar post in the past about levels and snowy regions in video games. However, this list is nearly seven years old and I feel it is time for an update. If you enjoy some classics Kotaku Content or you just want to watch that original blog, Feel free to check that out, too!

Red Dead Redemption II 2018

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While the first game had some snow that looked good, the supplement Rockstar added more snow that looked better and reacted more than expected. Snow plays a big part in the game’s opening hours, letting you see Rockstar Snow Technology instantly.

Snowrunner – 2020

The game has snow in the correct title, so it should come as no surprise that you have some great snow regions to explore. at SnowrunnerYou ride in trucks and other off-road vehicles, make deliveries and wonder where anyone else is. It also features some of the most realistic and therefore disturbing snow in video game history. Be prepared to stay in the snow for 30 minutes while you use desperately to slowly scrape off the mud and ice. Video games are so much fun!

SSX is tough 2001

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Maybe I can list any of them SSX A game on this list and it would be a good choice. But even if you like SSX 3 Very much, I have to admit Deceptive He remains the king of the series. The snow technology here wasn’t very advanced anymore, but it looked cute at the time. Most importantly, it’s still a blast Teriyaki Snowy levels, like the famous Garibaldi, in 2020.

The lost planet 2007

Capcom developed an alien third-person shooter in the early days of the Xbox 360. Lost Planet was a game entirely built around snow. So it does have one snow level or area, but instead it is a giant snow region. Back then, I remember my admiration for the snow seen in the demo, however, the rest of the game left me feeling a little cool. (Get it? Like snow, and it’s cold too.)

The Last of Us Part 2 – 2020

exactly like RDR1 to me RDR2, the first We delay He had some great snow during the winter. However, Electric Dance on The Last of Us, Part 2 It improves the snow technique seen in that game in some significant ways, with better deformation. It also includes nicely Snowball war. Who does not like snowballs?

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Super Mario 64 1996

Cool Cool Mountain might be the first snow level to appear in a 3D platformer, which makes sense to think about it Super Mario 64 It is one of the first 3D platformer games ever. As such, the snow technology here is basically non-existent. But you do get some nice slips and snow. Oh, and penguins.

division 2016

While Section 2 It is a better game, I still miss the snowy streets and back alleyFrom New York City for the original game. Few games have really proven to feel completely wandering in the winter city scene division. I would sometimes play the game and just run it ThNever kill, shoot or seek. Instead, I was just enjoying a cold snowy night in town. If we get another section The game needs a snowman.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – 2005

Sure, new Battlefront The games look great and have some great Hoth maps. But nothing could beat the cold, empty magic of Houth from 2005 Battlefront 2. When I come back to playing some of these classic shooting games, I always make sure to play a match or two on this big, snowy map.

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A screen shot: Sega / Moby games

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 1994

The Ice Cap is one of the best snow levels of any region My voice Game. You can ride a skateboard, the world sounds cool, and the best is this music. The Ice Cap region has a file Sausage from the track. This song is a big factor in what makes this level feel fun and wintery. This and a sick skateboard

Halo 3 2007

The Hello The franchise has a lot of snow-covered maps and levels, but one of my favorites is the mid-sized multiplayer map. Snowbound from Halo 3. (Or the better, more balanced option, Boundless.) I spent long hours on this map, winning and losing mostly. But it didn’t matter, because the map was so beautiful. His tiny size made it feel like we were all kids fooling around a snow-covered playground while on vacation. Until someone threw a grenade at you.

These are just some of my favorites. What are some of your favorite snow levels or video games?

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