The best password managers to use on business devices

The best password managers to use on business devices

A password manager is an essential application with which to focus all of them and keep them safe.

We use passwords for everything in our daily lives, as well as in our work applications. Mobile technology has acquired an increasing degree of complexity, which is why we already use our devices for work. Who doesn’t fill out a form from a Google Sheet on their tablet? Therefore, we store sensitive information which we must keep well. Password managers allow you to group them all in one app. We’ll find out which apps to use on our devices and have some helpful tips on creating passwords.

What is a password manager?

It is an application that allows you to save all the passwords on your device securely. Both applications have access to certain pages. Google Play Store gives good suggestions when choosing, So, you have no excuse for not having a password manager. As you know, it is not convenient to use the same password for all of your websites and applications, since there is a risk that the attack will put you in a dangerous situation.

We’ve gone from choosing simple alphanumeric passwords to Use those that include uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as special characters. So remembering it is an impossible task and this is where a password manager app comes in. Put them all in a central place in a safe place that can also be accessed by password or by identification.

Suggestions for password managers for your business devices

First of all, comment that these managers all do the same thing. The choice between one and the other depends on personal tastes, But it cannot be said that any of them endanger our security. Those indicated here are the ones most used by users, and they also have an appropriate use in the business world

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1 password

Praised by Android and Apple users, this manager has an advantage Allow access to your passwords through biometric recognition. Therefore, it can be said that it is very safe. Passwords will be stored on all devices where you use the app and synced automatically. If you want a reliable app, don’t hesitate, this is it. You can try it for free, but if you want to use it forever, you have to take advantage of the subscription form. This is perhaps the main stumbling block he faces.


One of the most praised password manager apps out there. It is also multi-system, has the advantage of being free, and a great help for those complex moments, for example, self-employed. It stands out not only for creating strong passwords, but also because you can easily share it with your employees. Keeper periodically analyzes passwords and files It alerts you if any of them are hacked. The amount of good downloads it guarantees.


Another suggestion to consider is to do good application management. You can try it for free for two weeks, which is more than enough time to get to know it in detail. Noteworthy for using the protocol 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, which makes it very safe. Plus, it syncs in the cloud with the service you want, like Drive or Dropbox, so you can use it anywhere you want. It also analyzes the durability of the main advantages and provides guidance on them. An interesting proposal to work quietly.

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How to create strong passwords easily

Although these three apps suggest passwords that could take thousands of years to crack, it never hurts to know a system to create a secure password that only you will remember. Note this simple example. Think of something you love, for example, movies, music or sports. Without Fernando Alonso being someone you look up to, you can do this:

  • Part of the word fernandoalonso. Well, it’s time to write some capital letters, for example, the name and surname, so that it is FernandoAlonso. This is already a first layer of security, but we must continue to strengthen the key
  • Put a series of numbers. It may never be the year of your birth, but rather some numbers that you can relate to some relevant facts that you know. year you graduated? Where did you set up your company? We’ll include it in our password, but in parts, at the beginning and at the end. 20 Fernando Alonso 10.
  • Enter some character. For example, change the letters n to ñ and the latter or an asterisk. 20 – Fernando Alones * 10.

This system will allow you to easily create your own passwords, and what is better, You can remember it easily. This is fiction, but never forget that your password must include all of this:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • special characters.
  • One point in favor of the letter ñ
  • Prepare.

Consequences of choosing your passwords incorrectly

Not using a password manager will make you have to remember them all, as we have to use different passwords for every website or app. What is more, You will put your job security at risk. Not having a strong password can make your content and projects more vulnerable, with everything you imply. Getting some password managers and increasing your security costs nothing. Can you imagine walking into your workplace and seeing that everything is gone? or that Malware It exists and your files are locked? Something more common than we think. A risk that should never be considered. At the very least, make it more difficult for those who want to harm your company.

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