The Best Mobile Apps for Sports Fans.

Regardless of the sports that you follow, there’s likely to be an app that can bring you all the latest news, insights, and tips about your favourite players and teams. Available for both iOS and Android, sports apps are an excellent way of accessing the news and information that you want to see directly from your smartphone. In this post, we introduce you to five of the best sports apps available to download today, so you will never miss out on a sports headline or feel excluded from the sport that you love.


A truly global sports app, ESPN offers you the latest news from sports all over the world, including football, basketball, and even less popular sports like lacrosse. You can receive score updates when your teams are playing, watch highlights, and read exclusive news stories from the leagues that you watch. Few apps are as comprehensive as ESPN, and it’s a must-have for any serious sports fan who doesn’t want to miss out on any crucial updates for their upcoming fixtures.

Odds checkers and sports betting. 

Lots of sports fans love to place a bet on their favourite games or players. But with so many markets and a whole host of bookmakers, it can be tough to know where to begin your research in order to find the best odds, with sites like bet365 and Mansion claiming to offer the best odds. That’s exactly where the odds checker and bookmaker’s apps comes in. They do all of the hard work and research, so you don’t have to, and they present the odds in an easy to understand format. But on top of that, they also give you industry tips and insights into upcoming sporting events, so even if you don’t plan on placing a bet, it’s an excellent resource to find out information about your favourite sport.

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The Score. 

If you never want to miss out on a sporting result from anywhere in the world, theScore is the perfect app for you. As many fans have teams competing in several leagues in different parts of the world, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the results as and when they come in. TheScore allows you to sign up for team or league updates and notifies you when results come in, so you will never miss out on the latest news and happenings from your preferred sport.

The Bleacher Report. 

Anyone who is a fan of American Sports won’t want to miss out on the Bleacher Report. It’s a fully customisable app, meaning you can set up your homepage, so you only see the content that’s relevant to you and the sport that you’re interested in. This is ideal if you’re a fan of the NFL but have no interest in the MLB, for instance. You can filter out the sports that don’t interest you and only get updates about the sports you’re invested in. It’s also packed with in-depth articles, rankings, and predictions, that give you a chance to find out more about your team’s upcoming chances.


One of the UK’s leading sports broadcasters, Talksport is a hub of Premier League football and brings you expert insight and often controversial views on the latest news from the world of football. Through the app, you can listen to the popular shows that are broadcast on the platform and also check on the latest scores and stories published. You can also listen back to any shows that you missed or subscribe to your favourite shows, so you don’t miss out on the content that you’re interested in. It’s a must-have app for any fans of the English Premier League.

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These five sports apps bring you all of the news you want to hear from your favourite sports personalities and will ensure you never miss out on updates from the teams you support and the leagues that you follow.

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