The best iPhone antivirus: Do you need it?

The best iPhone antivirus: Do you need it?

Do you need an antivirus for your iPhone? In this article, we explain it to you in detail and give you the best options to protect your iPhone (or Mac) as much as possible.

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Do you need an antivirus for your iPhone?

Many people use some form of antivirus software ESET on their computers. But does your iPhone also have an antivirus (scanner)? Most people don’t know that. Is your iPhone properly locked? In this article we will find out for you and answer the question: Do I need a virus scanner on my iPhone?

The short answer: Not necessarily, but it is useful. Apple keeps all software, firmware, and hardware in its hands. As a result, they have fewer holes in their ecosystem. In addition, with iOS, Apple does not have most users, and therefore it is less attractive for hackers to break into this relatively small “fortress”. Especially if there are a lot of “villages” (Android smartphones) next to the castle without a wall, a trench and an army. But never say no.

Malware is on your iPhone

Unfortunately, everything can be hacked. While using the Apple iPhone is more secure than other smartphones, there are always inherent risks. One is an unsecured connection to a public Wi-Fi network. If you connect to a public WiFi, people will likely monitor you, find your passwords, and, for example, access your banking app.

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Also, there has been iOS malware spying on iPhones via microphone and location. Of course you want to avoid this. The solution is an antivirus. These also protect your iPhone from phishing emails and annoying pop-ups in Safari or Google Chrome.

In addition, the European Union may soon require Apple to allow third-party apps in its secure ecosystem. These are of course not as reliable as the apps in Apple’s “castle”. So it is useful to familiarize yourself with the antivirus software for your iPhone. He has listed the best antivirus for your iPhone.

The best antivirus for your iPhone

There are three main antivirus scan tools that also protect your iPhone: McAfee, AVG, and Norton. They all have a free version, but they often don’t support your iPhone enough. Below you can read the main differences and find out the best antivirus for your iPhone.

McAfee Antivirus for iPhone

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee offers many features for your iPhone. You get McAfee free for 180 days. This is the longest free trial of all iOS security apps. McAfee’s web security is impressive. For example, it automatically disables phishing sites. Think of fake login pages that look like your bank. Of course you still have to be careful, but it gives a much safer feeling. In addition, McAfee has a public WiFi scanner and warns of data leaks.

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) from McAfee is very fast. You can use this to create a secure and anonymous internet connection, so that you can surf the web invisibly. The VPN also has virtual locations. With this, McAfee tells the server that you are in the US, for example, while you are already sitting on your sofa in the Netherlands. This way you watch the Netflix show for that country.

AVG Antivirus for iphone

AVG Antivirus for your iPhone

With AVG Antivirus, you can surf the Internet with your iPhone more safely. In addition to the fact that this service contains viruses and Malware It also scans the security of (public) Wi-Fi networks. You will immediately receive a warning. AVG Antivirus also ensures that fake websites and phishing practices do not appear on your screen.

With an AVG Ultimate subscription, you will also enjoy ‘AVG TuneUp’. This is a service that monitors and optimizes your iPhone for storage memory and processor performance. In other words: this software automatically cleans up all your digital waste. With this subscription, you are also provided with a properly working VPN.

Norton Antivirus

Norton for your iPhone

Norton is comprehensive security for your iPhone and also comes with a VPN for online privacy and browsing wherever you want. However, Norton also has something unique. This service is checked dark web and private forums for your personal information and to notify you when your information is found. This way you really know that you remain anonymous and that your data will not be sold anywhere.

With Norton, you can also enjoy regular public Wi-Fi security, the software scans the website for you before you enter it and ensures you don’t fall for scam emails. You can also choose your location using their VPN.

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Mac antivirus

Bonus: the best antivirus for your Mac

If you want an antivirus that works well on your Mac, check out ESET. You get everything mentioned above with third parties, plus password management and webcam protection. In addition, ESET machine learning To check antivirus. Thus, new types of malware can be detected in a jiffy. The service automatically adapts so that it will also be blocked by antivirus software in the future.

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