The Belgians were defeated in the Davis Cup: Zizou Bergs and David Goffin lost a duel, and the double could not win either

The Belgians were defeated in the Davis Cup: Zizou Bergs and David Goffin lost a duel, and the double could not win either


Belgium began the group stage of the Davis Cup with a dry 3-0 defeat. Zizou Bergs (ATP 134) narrowly beat Jason Kubler (4-6, 6-1, 3-6). David Goffin (ATP 62) fell again without a chance. Goffin lost to Alex de Minaur in straight sets (2-6, 2-6). Later in the evening, Sander GIllé and Joran Vliegen couldn’t save honor in the doubles either.

Jens Jacobs

After qualifying against Finland at the beginning of March, our country drew three strong nations into the group stage with Germany, France and Australia. Not to say a feat, but on paper there were opportunities for our compatriots. The Germans still lacked their trump card Alexander Zverev, who was injured at Roland Garros against Rafael Nadal. Australia and France were also absent from Nick Kyrgios and Gael Monfils in the group stage.

David Goffin knew immediately after Berg’s defeat the time he knew. Goffin (ATP 62) had to beat Alex de Minaur (ATP 22) to win Game Three. However, our compatriot started hesitantly in the first set against the 23-year-old Australian.

Guffin was immediately forced to acknowledge his boss at de Minor. Our compatriot had to give up his transmission almost immediately and then made a lot of mistakes. The Minor did not know grace and always punished them. Goffin had to give up the first set: 2-6.

There was also a slight improvement in Guffin in the placebo group. De Minaur immediately served our compatriot and also took advantage of this break. Goffin defended himself bravely, but clearly had to admit his superiority over his Australian rival, who also won the second set with ease: 2-6.

Bergs goes down too

Earlier today, Zizou Berg (ATP 134) was honored with being the first to start the showdown with Australia from national coach Johan van Herk. Bergs faced Jason Kubler (ATP 97). Both Berges and Kobler didn’t give an inch in the first group. At 4-4, the Australian again passed through Berg’s serve, who could not correct this crooked situation: 4-6.

How difficult it was to cash out at the stops in the first group, and how easy it was in the second. Berggs went straight by sending Kobler at the first opportunity and then showed bouts of his best tennis at times. Berg easily won the second set 6-1.

Kobler regained balance in the third set. The Australian forced Briggs to defend and eliminated almost every foul. In 3-5, Kobler also had two chances to decide the match, and Burgess twice kept quiet and managed to avoid defeat. Unfortunately, the third match point was too much for our compatriot.


Sander Gillet and Göran Fliegen can’t save honor in the double

Also in the doubles, our country did not get a foothold against the Australians. Ebden and Purcell played a level higher than Sander Gillé and Joran Vliegen and easily won the first set 6-1.

In the second group, our compatriots managed to put their feet next to the Australians. Gillet and Fligen surrendered and were unable to stop Ebden and Purcell from serving twice. They couldn’t get rid of those breaks. The Australians eventually won the second set with ease, 6-2.


Belgium will soon start the group stage with a defeat. With the upcoming matches against France and Germany, our country is not yet out of the Davis Cup. The best two in the group advance to the next round.

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