“The Australian Grand Prix continues anyway, without spectators if needed.”

'GP van Australië gaat hoe dan ook door, desnoods zonder toeschouwers'

The Australian Grand Prix was the first Formula 1 race to fall victim to COVID19 measures in 2020. The race was initially postponed, but was later canceled. In 2021, the Melbourne Grand Prix will also be affected by the situation around COVID19. The race that was on the calendar with the season opening was postponed by the sport until November.

Although the race at the Albert Park Street Circuit has been postponed, Australian Grand Prix Racing Corporation (AGPC) president Andrew Westacott is relentless and according to him, the race will continue in November anyway, even if the public cannot be allowed into the track area.

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The AGPC CEO said, “It’s not that I’m thinking about it right now – a race without an audience – because I think we can only allow viewers in. SpeedCafe.com. “We are on the calendar and that is why I think we should respect that from within our organization. My absolute best and wish is to continue the race. If we can bring the drivers and teams to Australia then we can. To work.”

Westacott also states that the circuit area around the Albert Park Street circuit is well suited to keeping the Grand Prix safe. “I’ve said many times that we have 176 acres of outdoor parkland; we have 10.6 kilometers of fence around the path; we have beautifully customized designs for business facilities in grand terraces and outdoors for public access. So in many ways, Albert Park is equally, the parks Foreign, hiking trails, shopping malls, beaches and entertainment, “the Australian said.

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The Australian Grand Prix has been postponed by exactly eight months until Sunday, November 21. Due to the postponement of the race in Melbourne, Bahrain is now the country where the 2021 season is supposed to start on Sunday 28 March.

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