The alleged photo is making the rounds [Gerücht]

The alleged photo is making the rounds [Gerücht]

From Andrew Link
There is an image circulating online, which is said to be a Geforce RTX 4080 as the Founders Edition.

The supposed first image of the Geforce RTX 4080 as Founders Edition is making the rounds on the Internet; Or as one said earlier: the reference design. The card, which is coated with an anti-static film, looks very similar to the well-known design from Ampere and is reminiscent of the Geforce RTX 3090. With a bit of luck, two expansion slots in the casing suffice for the graphics card.

As with anything on the web, the image could be a fake, which drew enthusiasts’ attention to the font design, which is different from years past. Nvidia could use a new design language here, however, after introducing Nvidia Sans Nala on the website, the fonts are quite similar in the first rough comparison.

The Geforce RTX 4080 is said to use the AD103-300 and has 76 SM’s, which will result in 9,728 FP32 shaders. The rumor mill has recently corrected the technical data several times. Ultimately, the card is expected to deliver roughly the performance of the Geforce RTX 3090. In addition, according to the latest case, it has 16 GB GDDR6X with 23 Gbit / s on a 256-bit wide memory interface, resulting in a transfer performance of 736 GB / s. The Geforce RTX 4080 is said to have a total power of 340W and an approximate performance of around 15,000 points in 3D Mark Timespy Extreme Performance.

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The Geforce RTX 4090, which is said to have 128 SM (16,384 shades) and 24 GB of memory, will be remotely placed on top of it. These include the Geforce RTX 4070, which will likely be quite affordable for many, but there has been a lot of movement in the information lately. 56 to 60 SM (7,168 to 7,680 shades) with 10 to 12 GB of memory is the latest state.

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source: Twitter (@KittyYYuko)

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